Tears come to my eyes…

…when I read the following message.

I confess to occasional discouragement when I help another researcher and they don’t say “thank you.”

Lorraine……YOU ARE WONDERFUL. And kindly do not argue with me because you are wonderful. And your genealogy skills and accomplishments are extraordinary. I was amazed yesterday and I remain amazed and a bit ashamed today. You got dumped on by this techno-crazy old lady.

And I was feeling exactly like you last night and today. Because I did mess up. I made assumptions that you would be able to read my mind and I overwhelmed you with material.

So last night I emailed Mary Ann with my woes. Then late today I called Cousin Peggy.

Peggy agreed with Mary Ann that I messed up in several areas but especially when I gave you Mother’s name without explaing Estes was her middle name. We agreed that most researchers would think it was her surname. Thus Nash would possibly be a married name.

Point is, I hit you with names I am very familiar with and expected you to know them as well as I do. And I wasn’t concise. I meandered or babbled a bit much. Mary Ann and Peggy agree I do tend to talk A LOT. It may take an hour when I’m talking to ever give the reason for my call.

And in genealogy, whether it is a family member or a researcher, give the SPECIFICS IN ORDER. Leave the background and family stories for later – if requested.

So I apologize. I thank you with all my heart. You continue to amaze me……and I loved your blog.

May angels bring us both a restful sleep tonight.

Seriously, her kind words brought tears to my eyes. In turn, I offer my thanks to my Heavenly Father (God) for the computer and genealogy skills. Some people have musical talent, some are great at sports, some are preachers… Perhaps I can make this comparison: I’m as comfortable at the keyboard as Liberace at the piano.

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