Challenge upon challenge

Late in the day (yesterday) I received an obituary (via email) for the daughter-in-law of Ruth Elizabeth Franks. Early in the research and documentation, I recognized perceived discrepancies. I wrote a note to myself suggesting research for the next day. However, I couldn’t go to sleep with this challenge on my mind (so I got out of bed and returned to the computer). It was far more complicated than I imagined. Initially, I believed it was straightforward documentation of Ruth Shoemaker married to Robert Frantz. Instead, dozens of individuals with surnames requiring careful examination.


One-fifteen in the morning as I go to bed and hope to fall asleep.

Below: Eleven-thirty-five in the morning and the third image was added after hours of research and documentation. “Never a stopping point.”

My Ancestry database is large (59,774) and I have a wealth of information regarding Frantz (2557), France (569), Franz (36), Francis (13). I get to a point where my new information can be merged with existing information. I didn’t “research” all those Frantz ancestor individuals this morning.

One-fifteen in the afternoon and I am content with the information in “my tree” (relative to the obituary) and I can prepare “brunch” and do some household tasks.

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