Consternation !?

2:30 PM and I’m NOT “climbing the family tree.” Putting the recently purchased items away, I decided to have similar items in the same location. To my surprise, I have fourteen cans of soup and lots of canned tuna. This wasn’t planned, it just happened. I “shop” infrequently and I pick up items I consider necessary. An array of canned goods was in one cabinet and I decided to “organize”… (but failed to take a picture of green beans, chunk pineapple, applesauce, etc.). I guess I won’t go hungry this winter. Furthermore, I have a large supply of dehydrated emergency food. ~~ My propane tank is almost full for the Winter. ~~ Acknowledging that I have “a one-track mind,”  it is interesting to see (and display) information on another topic. (Agree?)

One comment on “Consternation !?

  1. Jimmie says:

    Hi Lorraine! When I shop, and need tissues, etc, I always buy the bulk packs. I have room for 20 or more rolls of TP, 6 or more boxes of tissues, and several rolls of paper towels. My first thought with all the canned goods is SALT! Maybe it isn’t an issue for you but I look for low salt brands. Prefer to cook from scratch if I can. Frozen foods are better than canned. I find cooking relaxing. Just my thoughts. I’m in Fort Smith, KS till Monday and will be in St Louis by Wednesday. Put a new video up a couple days ago if you haven’t seen it.

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