Thursday all day

Really tired blogger starting her day by publishing this message at 6:27 AMand will add to it throughout the day. I just want to prove to concerned friends that I got an early start on activities. I was in bed just before 10:00 PM. The Dr. Scholl’s massager was discarded in about half an hour. I was still awake at one but surmise I fell asleep shortly thereafter. Wide awake at 5:10 AM and hoped to go back to sleep. Weary of “sleepless in my Waco bed,” I got up at 6:20. In the “cool, cool, cool of the morning,” I’m going to walk (and maybe ride my trike).


Usually, I start my morning with inspiring messages on Christian TV. In my youth, we pumped our water. Usually, we had to “prime the pump” to get it started. I’m praying that walkingand bikingwill (like “priming the pump) get me started.


Thursday trivia: The local TV news showed pictures of the new $200,000.00 (two-hundred million dollars) Amazon facility that will hire more than 1,000 (one thousand) employees.

I worked in the carport, and storage, most of the morning. I semiloaded the back of the KIA with stuff for a thrift shop. Honesty, I didn’t make a dent in the clutter!!

There was a Webinar that taught skills for the program that handles my pictures. I hope to eventually get thousands of pictures organized.



Now, I’m making an exerted effort to do more walking. I took a small grocery bag, with trash, to the dumpsterand saw four discarded boxes. “I might need them someday?!”  So I walked back to my yard and got the ladder…  Later retrieved the ladder… so a reasonable amount of walking?!



Confession: Ancestry sent an email message with three “hints” for individuals in my tree.  I limited my time to approximately one hourin the early evening.


Before 7:00, I rode around the Park on my three-wheeler. Then to my comfortable chair in front of the TV set. I always watch Tucker Carlson, FOX News–and the other conservative newspeople.

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