Wednesday morning

*****  (To appreciate “Wednesday morning,” you need to read “Tuesday night.”)  *****

Briefly, this outlines my Wednesday. “Up” at 7:30 but “so tired” I could hardly walk from the bedroom! First things first (right?). Brushed my hair and dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. I took the picture of the thermometerand filled the Hummingbird feeder. At 7:50, I started walking around the RV Park. Mr. Red and Mr. Gill joined me. Along the way, we visited with Ernie, and Bill. They went to the Clubhouse for coffee and I continued to walk ’til 8:30. (During the day, I wrote down my activities so I could document them here.)

9:15-9:45: Sat in the rocking lawn chair, on the porch, drinking my first cup of coffee. A lady-friend, in Livingston, phoned (and interrupted my “quiet time”) and she updated me on all the news (gossip). ~~ Still pleasantly cool so I decided to ride my three-wheeler. ~~ I’m supposed to be “downsizing” but I added the toaster to my collection. (I haven’t had a toaster since I left Lancaster, California, in 2004.)  RV Park residents put their discards beside the dumpster for other residents to take.


I wanted to add a picture of the Crepe Myrtle after I trimmed it (last year) but could not locate the blog message and pictures. 😦  I thought about harvesting the bell pepper but decided to let it grow for a while longer.  🙂



I didn’t leave my home for more than one week. The “unexpected gift” (in the shipping box) was sitting on a table in my carport. How long had it been there? My lady-friendin Jacksonville, Floridamust think I am so ungrateful because I haven’t sent an email message saying “Sincere thanks.”

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