“Give me a break” !!

In a dream, I was researching. It was a challenge but I successfully documented the man. When I awakened I thought I’d quickly write down his name and datesbut instantaneously I forgot everything. I’m starting my day exhausted because I’ve been climbing trees all night!! ~~ I’ll add to this message as I work toward making this a “good Friday.”

Sitting on my porch, drinking coffee, the thought came to mind “rabble-rouser.”  If it were not so miserably hot (most of the time), I’d “shake things up”  around here. All (almost all) of the residents are as isolated in their homes as I have been. The Coronavirusand the variantshave stolen our lives!! Yes, I’ve had my hobby but I’ve missed social interaction. Even this morning, I am “self-isolating” because I’m not going to the Clubhouse for waffles and fellowship.

I started my day with a “trike ride” followed by some gardeningand “oddball” projects.


“Special delivery” from Mr. Red: Two waffles. While it was reheating, I went back to my outdoor project. I “know better”; I “know” I shouldn’t be using the stove while outdoors!! (Bronze medal winner for participating in the game of outdoors??)



I was “motivated” to work on projects in the yard, and carport. Regrettably, too hot!!



3 comments on ““Give me a break” !!

  1. Deb says:

    Well, at least you know your smoke alarm works. 😉

  2. Sometime this past year (forgotten when), “Mr. Red” came and checked the detector. I guess it wasn’t working because he put up a brand-new, just out-of-the-box, model. ~~ Because of the new variant to the Coronavirus, I haven’t been going to the Clubhouse for waffles (on Friday). We have a very thoughtful, considerate owner-manager of this RV Park.

  3. Ten Bears says:

    Well, Mother, if people were to just do as they’ve been asked to do, we wouldn’t be here today. But no, the oh-so special snowflakes amongst us just have to throw barn-yard fowl fecal matter little temper tantrums and here we all are, isolated. It’s all god’s plan I’m sure. I in my meditations have achieved a degree of mastery I had not thought possible, in retrospect not sure being from of a long line of jacks of all things that I want it, but here we are. And really, mastery of zen is nothing.

    I think you’ve done a good job of keeping your wits about you through all of this …

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