If “patience” is a virtue…

…how do we label “impatience”?

I started the GEDCOM about sixteen hours ago–and it is still “uploading.” Truthfully, I went to bed about 2:00 so I wasn’t “wiggling” the mouse. I don’t know when it stopped… but it has been “doing” since I restarted it at 7:30 AM. So… I’ve been extremely close to the desktop computer hoping (and praying) I’ll eventually see the family treeand FamilyTreeDNA subscribers will also see the tree.  I’m impatient!! (I’m impatient–and sleepy.)

Being at the computers is a good thing. I’m using the laptop computer for this blog message, and for email messages. I’ve sent several long, newsy email messages; I’ve visited my bank’s website and reconciled my check register.

I had an unexpected road trip. Remember, Lorraine has not done much driving during the past fourteen months. “Mr. Red” came to see my gardenand almost collapsed. I begged him “don’t fall, I can’t pick you up.” He would have driven himself home but another resident and I insisted on driving him home. The “other resident” drove Mr. Red’s truck and I followed along and brought “other resident” home. (Yup, you guessed correctly: The GEDCOM stopped and I had to restart it.)

OMG, using the laptop computer is taxing. My eyes are getting so bad and everything seems to arrive in tiny print. I’m exhausted from trying to read the tiny print, I’m sleepy… and I’m impatient. More details later.


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