“Addiction” made me do it !!

Going to bed at a decent time was my intention!! HONESTLY!! I made the mistake of checking to see if we have the results from a Big-Y-DNA test. “No” it is still being tested. So I checked to see what I could do on the Family Tree DNA website (our account). I didn’t want to manually start a tree “from scratch”I’d do a GEDCOM. First, I had to question Ancestry.com about how to create a GEDCOM. I jotted down the instructions and tried the experience several times. OK, finally I had a GEDCOM. I went back to FamilyTreeDNA and fumbled around several times trying to upload the file. Really a comedy of errors!! It’s one o’clock in the morning and I can’t walk away from the desktop computer because it “goes to sleep” after ten minutes–and the GEDCOM is still uploading. Here I am, at my laptop computer, watching the progress, and wiggling the mouse every few minutes. “Addition”  to Ancestry made me do it.

This is DNA for ‘Mr. Red,”the ownermanager of this RV Park. I mentioned in an earlier blog message that “I hit a wall” regarding his great-grandfather. I did extensive searches (repeatedly) and the great-grandfather and his wife are a mystery. “Big-Y-DNA” traces the male lineage–and there are groups for the various surnames. I’m confident we will have an answerand I’m eager to work with the information from the DNA test.

I’m eager because “Mr. Red” is convalescing after a week in the hospital. He loves the information I’ve already provided and the “link” to his early ancestors will bring joy.


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