How embarrassing  !!

I’m compulsive about gardening now. I needed (wanted) more planter soil so headed for The Home Depot. At the corner where I turn, there is a Dollar Tree. I planned to buy some gardening items becausein the pastalways a big variety. None at this store but I bought some brand-name canned vegetables and brand-name soup. (Soup is so expensive at the market; have you noticed?) At the register, my credit card was rejected. I was so embarrassed!! Fortunately, I had a “never-used” debit card in my wallet (with my Waco bank).  ~~I contacted my credit card company last week because I was concerned about email messages indicating my Norton-360 had been renewed (almost $600.00). I don’t have Norton-360. I had requested that my card be “unlocked” but, obviously, my request was ignored.

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