Strange incident ?!

At approximately 1:30 PMwhile at the computer creating a blog messageI saw a strange car pull in the driveway and park across the street. The man walked back and forth as though looking for someone or something. Both “across the street” neighbors are gone so I walked out and asked, “Can I help you?”  I was attempting to be friendly and helpful. The black man got very defensive and said “I work for a living. I’m here to pick up a package for FedEx.”  I said “I was just trying to be helpful”  and his reply was “No you weren’t.”  I was the unwitting participant in a racial incident. (Should I even publish this blog message?) I sincerely wanted to be helpful; I wasn’t looking at his skin color. Now I “see” with my own eyes how black men “see” a situation much different.

One comment on “Strange incident ?!

  1. Deb says:

    The reality is that racial prejudice is a very two way street. It’s sad that he had such a chip on his shoulder that he couldn’t accept your offer to help.

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