Look at the amount of money I paid for 500 worms. However, they must have been microscopic in size because these old eyes didn’t see a single wiggler. When I ordered… I believed 500 worms would be “more than enough” for my Tower, and the Tower of my new gardening-friend neighbor. The contents of that little bag were dumped in the tube in hopes “they” were “microscopic” hibernating worms that will begin composting in their new home. ~~~~ Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is a disappointment.

2 comments on “Complaint

  1. Deb says:

    I hope you contacted the company and expressed your disappointment to them. In fact, I don’t think most people would be as nice as you about it, lol. I’d be asking where the worms were, and where my refund was.

  2. Deb, I contacted Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm with nice questions. “Were they microscopic?” and “Were they hibernating?” I received two nice email answers and the answer is “yes, yes.” The worms will wake up and they will grow. The person (without a name) said they will send more worms if, indeed, I don’t have any live worms. I told the person I didn’t see any alive and I didn’t see any that resembled “dead.”

    Deb, I dumbed the soil in the tube of the Garden Tower with the hopes there were a few worms that would “wake up” and “grow up.” I figured I had a misplaced expense but wasn’t going to make an issue of the matter. It seems Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is willing to send more worms. I am blessed!!

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