“It’s a small world after all”

The following is a short story I attached to a woman in my Ancestry family tree.

An interesting story? I documented Anna Mae Ressler (1932-2012) on 8 May 2021 because I wanted to provide details about the lady I visited (2003), and the barn I saw (collapsed barn*). Yesterday, I was documenting some families who lived in La Verne, Los Angeles County, California (Cullen, Boone, Fasnacht. et al). ***(I documented that cemetery in 1989, and published the information in La Verne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions.)*** While documenting I stumbled across the Ressler name (connected to one of the families). My mind said “I know that name.” A search of the Ressler surname (in my Lorraine Frantz Family Tree) revealed Anna Mae Ressler and I was (am) ecstatically happy to have built upon the earlier documentation. *** I sincerely believe “my Heavenly Father” leads me to familiesand informationthat is valuable to the history of families belonging to the Old German Baptist Brethren fellowship, and Church of the Brethren.***

*The barn where my immigrant ancestor, Michael Frantz (1687-1748), initiated the first “divide” of members in the fellowship that later became known as Old German Baptist Brethren. I did, indeed, visit the location and saw the collapsed barn, a pile of foundation rocks, and previous supporting barn timbers, and shingles. I gathered items (as memorabilia) and will donate them to the Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville, Ohio.

How often have I told my readers that there is “never a stopping point”  with my extended family? The individuals are “knit” or “crocheted” in a beautiful afghan. ~~ I thank “my Heavenly Father” (God) that I (1) wake up in the mornings, (2) have the skills to document the families, and (3) have the patience to sort through inaccurate, and accurate, details and “save” valuable information for other researchers (with less patience and fewer God-given skills). Furthermore, I marvel (and thank God) that my memory recalls details from 1989 when I spent weeks (weekends) walking the La Verne Evergreen Cemetery and documented more than three thousand individuals who, primarily, belonged to the Church of the Brethren or Old German Baptist Brethren.

It’s almost five o’clock in the early evening. I sat down to the computer about eight o’clock this morning intending to “put a few finishing touches” on families I didn’t finish at one o’clock this morning. I did not intend to spend the day at the computer because there are downsizing projects demanding my attention. Repeat: With Ancestry, “There is never a stopping point.”

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