Chasing rabbits

The ownermanager of this RV Park has been so good to me!! “Mr. Red” is interested in his ancestry and I’ve been “climbing his family tree” (off and on) for several months. (My small effort to say “thank you.”) As mentioned in an earlier blog message, I resolved the problem (I created) regarding the identity of his father. However, there is a problem with his third-great-grandfather.  Other Ancestry Member Family Trees want to attach Sidney Tiner to a couple age fourteen (14) and eleven (11) at the time of his birth. I reject that information but days of search have not revealed the true identity of Sidney’s parents. That’s what I call “chasing rabbits”  because I’ve been running full speed and catching nothing. So frustrating!!

Nine-hundred-fifty-six individuals in this tree, at this writing. Before March 10th, it may reach one-thousand.


Yes, I reached one-thousand individuals in this database. The focus this afternoon, and evening, has been on the Eppes family. I’m trying to determine the Ancestry of Frances Ann Eppes Harris. Look at this interesting tidbit of information from Colonial Families of the United States.

“Thomas Jefferson, b. 1743; d. 4 Jul 1826. Second President of the United States of America; married 1772, Martha Wayles, daughter of “The Forrest,” Charles City County, Virginia.”

Yet to be determined: Who is “The Forrest”? Also:

Mary is the daughter of Thomas & Martha Jefferson, She was born at “Monticello” and died there. Her father’s nickname for her was Polly. Mary shared White House hostess with her sister Martha Randolph and Dolly Madison, the wife of James Madison. Mary married John Wayles Eppes on October 13,1797 at her father’s house Monticello. John is Mary’s half-1st. cousin.



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