Belated Christmas present ?!

The project was started in November and abandoned after several weeks. I ran into some negative information and did not want to give “a negative gift” at the positive time of year, at the birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. After the first of the year, I confessed to the withdrawal of the gift. “That’s OK…, I want it anyway.”  The research continued and was ready to print. A family member looked at the information (in my database) and delivered the bad news “the father is wrong.”  For two days, I have worked to correct my error and believe it is accurate. The image is only a fraction of the eight-hundred-thirty-two individuals in the database and several hundred (several thousand) sources. Gratefully, the “negative stuff” isn’t in this tree. ~~ I’m going to walk away from for a few days (or a couple of weeks) so other projects can enjoy my time and attention. I’m sick and need to work on my health.

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