Never assume

Here is a copy of the brief message I published on

With thirty-five years of genealogy research behind me and years of experience on, I documented the TINER family for a friend. I believed I had everything 100% accurate and was prepared to print the information. A family member indicated I had the wrong father. How could that be? I had been extremely careful about names, dates, and sources.

There are two men named Garland E. Tiner. One simply with the middle initial “E” and the other with the middle name “Edgar.” Both men were living in Texas. This researcher began to attribute all the records to one man named Garland Edgar Tiner.

Garland Edgar Tiner was born 2 Mar 1923 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas, USA. He died 25 Dec 1997 in Odessa, Ector County, Texas, USA. His father was Garland E. Tiner, born 18 Dec 1900 in Arkansas, USA, and died 5 Oct 1922 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas, USA.

Garland E. Tiner was born 3 Apr 1923 in Lipan, Hood County, Texas, USA, and died 13 Oct 2000 in Tarrant County, Texas, USA.

This brief explanation may prevent another individual from making the same mistake while “climbing the family tree.”

I hope, and pray, I’ve corrected all the errors. Perhaps I’ll be able to sleep? My mind hasn’t been able to stop processing the dynamics. I’m so tired; I only got about three hours of sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript: 1:15 PM and I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep. My mind is “very busy.” Now we have one-hundred-fifty individuals with the Tiner/Tyner surname and almost eight-hundred people total in the database.

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