Recovery from my accident ?

In my mind, I’m playing the tragedy over and over. I’m “Lioness Forrester”  agonizing over the accident.

Recently, a friend complimented me saying I’m “good with words.” The recent auto accident by a famous golf celebrity prompted me to make some comparisons. (I won’t use the name because I don’t want this message circulated on the “worldwide web” because “Goodle” [sic] trawled my information. Know what I mean?)

I’m not bragging: I’m really very skilled at “climbing the family tree.” (A friend said I should write a book about navigating Ancestry. My reply: “I’m too busy ‘climbing the tree’  to write a ‘how to’  book.”)

Driving too fast? ———— Too many hours staring at a computer screen?

Texting while driving? —- Not focused on what I was doing?

The brakes failed?———“Too many hours” staring at a computer screen?

Time to retire? ————– Time to retire?


Question: Can we blame Covid-19?  🙂

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