Guess what Lorraine is going to do

Answer: Find a cave and hide from the few friends and acquaintances in my small circle. To my knowledge, I have never made a 200% error. I always strive for 200% accuracy!! I spent days climbing that tree (for a friend). I believe every individual is correct and the sources are accurate. It was the wrong tree!!!! I’m physically sick!! When the error was brought to my attention, I believed I’d find the two men named Garland Edgar Tiner Sr. are cousins. Several hours of searching, and documentation, and I haven’t found the slightest family connection. It is difficult for me to understand two men with the same name, living in Arkansas, and Texas, and not related. ~~~ “The old gray mare she ain’t what she used  to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, many long years ago, many long years ago.”

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