Counting sheep ?

Long past bedtime. I didn’t want to accept defeat; I was confident I’d find the parents and establish the ancestry. Confession: Vanquished.

“Never a stopping point”  was the title of this blog at midnight. My Internet provider chose that time to terminate service (briefly) and the message was not published. After an exhausting day of research, I went to bed but I could not go to sleep. In my mind, I continued to research. And I’m perplexed by something I read (yesterday) about the daughter of Thomas Jefferson: “Mulatto.”  Everything in the TV news is about race, about “Black” and “White,” and President Biden versus President Trump. Personally, I do not want to enter the conversation. I was surprised to see the word “mulatto” attributed to the daughter of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Personally, I do not want to enter the conversation about the Oprah Winfrey interview with Megan Markle and Prince Harry. I’m thinking “oh my gosh”  because this is the first time “ancestry” (my research) has mirrored current events. ~~~ Here is an interesting article from the Internet: Thomas Jefferson’s Unknown Grandchildren. ~~~ Here is an excerpt that disputes the daughter, Martha, was “mulatto”:

Sally Flemings was in charge of his “chamber and wardrobe” and was recognized among Jefferson’s neighbors, according to several Virginia editors who researched the story, as the virtual mistress of Monticello. This lasted until Jefferson’s only surviving white daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph, moved to Monticello permanently with her husband and family in 1809. Sally remained, however, in “the big house” until after Jefferson’s death in 1826, when Mrs. Randolph quietly freed her. Then about fifty-three, she left and moved in with her son Eston. The census taker of Albemarle County in 1830 listed both her and her son as “whites,” thus inadvertently underlining the irony and tragedy in their lives.

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