New woman !!

I took a shower for the first time in two weeks. It felt wonderful; I feel extremely good!! Everything is copasetic at my residence: Propane tank is full and I have running water (and did not suffer broken water pipes). Yesterday afternoon, I was shoveling ice and snow. This afternoon the door is open to the seventy-degrees pleasant afternoon. Next projects: (1) Wash the dirty dishes, and (2) clean sheets on the bed. I’m singing: “Hallelu, hallelu, praise ye the Lord; Praise ye the Lord, hallelujah, praise ye the Lord!”  However, I am mindful of all the misery experienced by other residents in the state of Texas. The cost of repairs may be in the trillions of dollars and we will experience higher taxes, higher costs for produce, andfranklyunforeseen expenses. Did you hear: The oranges and grapefruit crops are a total loss; baby chicks died; cattle had frozen ears (just to name a few…). All this while we are still suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic.


Postscript: “Millions still in need of water.” Also, at 5:25, the TV news said “30,000 people without electricity.”  That’s the sad commentary about the situation in Texas.

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