I want to cry !!

Yes, it is almost one in the morning and I’m still  “climbing a family tree.” I’m documenting for the owners of this RV Park. Remember (?) they were my host and hostess the other night when we didn’t have electricity. They had/have a propane heater that doesn’t need an electric fan to expel the heat.

One of the ancestors is documented as born in Tennessee. When I searched for her parents, everything seemed directed to a family livingand dyingin Rhode Island. That doesn’t “compute” with me because I believe in the Real Estate mantra: “Location, location, location”!! As is my nature, I kept digging and I found the parents well-documentedliving and dyingin Tennessee. “Well-documented” in Federal Census records. There are one-hundred-thirteen Ancestry Member Family Trees with, either, the Rhode Island parents or no parents. Not one single Member Family Tree with accurate parents.

There’s an old saying: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”  I don’t understand why people “look” for their ancestry and then copy from other trees. “Sources” are available. But we live in a world of “instant gratification”: smartphones, microwaves, drive-thru fast food, etc., etc.

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