Heart aching !!

As an avid genealogist, I love geography and history, too. There are many stories of brothers who were on opposite sides in the Civil War. I’m heart-broken because a family member has rejected me because I’m a conservative Republican who voted for President Donald Trump. Remembering Rush Limbaugh was unacceptable according to my family member. ~~ Praise God, we are “individuals” and not a cookie-cutter replication of one another.

One comment on “Heart aching !!

  1. Deb says:

    It’s sad when someone’s blinders are so narrow and bitter that they judge someone based on who they vote for. Agreeing more with one candidate than another has always been the American way, and people were respectful of that. Politicians and the media have turned what used to be respect into distrust and judgement (for their own gain), and it’s nuts. It’s them we should be turning on, not each other. I have friends and family on both sides of the fence, all fine people. I tend to assess people more on how they treat me and others. Things like kindness and honesty are far more important to me than what might be on someone’s voter’s ID.

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