It’s a small, small world !!

Your “usually very verbose” blogger is groping for words to explain the remarkable experience of the past few days.

On November 3rd, I handled some long-neglected family history. Read about it in the blog message titled Anti-depressant. Follow that with Garden of Read’n.

As I documented Frantz-family individuals, I would frequently compare my information with the information of other Member Family Tree(s). One member has a well-documented tree and I was so impressed I sent a “thank you” message praising her work. Carol answered… and we exchanged pleasantries. Note that I was documenting information regarding Frederick S. Frantz Jr. but I also wanted to find Marian A Gould. (Marian prepared the charts thirty years ago, Frederick sent them twenty years ago, Lorraine looked at them four days ago.)

I am a fanatic for accuracy!! The well-sourced “tree” drew me back for a second and third look. “Comparison” is good, “copy” is bad (in my humble opinion). The researcher behind that tree, Carol, has some of the same surnames as Marian A. Gould. I’ll be expedient and tell the reader that I (initially) saw a distant “kissing cousin” relationship. The more I documented the clearer the picture became. Carol is my seventh cousin!! Carol is the niece of Marian!! It’s a small, small world. Let me tell you, with the words of Paul Harvey, “The rest of the story.”

Decades ago, I had a wonderful visit with another researcher named Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz. I wrote about her in a blog message titled Thirty years and counting. Because Carol and I have Frantz ancestry, the message conversation included Rosemary. I shared Thirty years and counting with her and here is her reply:

What fun that you met Rosemary Frantz. She had a brother named David who married a Gingrich cousin of mine: Carol Gingrich. I knew Rosemary and David, and Carol and I take care of the Gingrich reunion.

Oh boy, oh joy, oh happy day!! One more comment: Carol wants her aunt’s meticulously-prepared charts “when I am through with them.”


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