Anti-depressant ?!

While rearranging the storage unit, I came across the “tube” with ancestor information. Shame on Lorraine; it had never been opened. Recording ancestors is relatively simple with Look at the work that went into drawing the charts and listing the individuals. I may need to set up the ironing board and cautiously iron the four pages (to flatten). I’ll compare Frederick Frantz’s information with sources on Ancestry.


For my mental health, I need to return to “climbing the family tree.”  Indubitably, I must get my mind off the political situation.


I spent the evening (night) searching my database for the man who shared his ancestry with me. He was not in my database but, with repeated searches, I found Frederick S. Frantz (1922-2009). I traced his ancestry (on Ancestry) and it seems he is from “another tree.” This is very curious because researchers have always attributed the Frantz family (in America) to three brothers. The immigrant ancestor likewise came from Germany and may prove to be another brother. A new challenge for Lorraine (and now there are seven obituaries awaiting my time and attention.) I need to be four people.

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