Happy, glorious night ??

Yesterday was “happy” and “glorious”!! Like a magnet, I was drawn back to Ancestry.com. I successfully documented an obituary in warp speed. I started a second obituary and became engrossed. When I looked at the clock, it was one-thirty in the morning!! I went to bed and did not awaken until nine-thirty and I’m here (at 9:40) to confess my insane behavior after enjoying some “good tasting” food!!!

That second obituary was for Donald E. Brubaker. I was thrilled!! Perhaps I would get the answer to the questions I asked many months ago. Regrettably, it is not the “Donald” I wrote about in two earlier blog messages: Mystery Man and rekaburb crazy?!.

I had eighteen men named Donald Brubaker in my Ancestry¬†database–and seven with the middle initial “E.” This Donald does not match any of them!! I regret to tell you how many errors I found as I compared this new “Donald” with “Donald E. Brubaker” in other Member Family Trees. Personally, I “weigh the evidence” before I save information to my tree. In the obituary, his wife’s name is Sherrie and they have been married for thirty-eight years. I found the marriagein 1982 (thirty-eight years)and could safely add that record. ~~~~ Just a little explanation of my hours “glued to the computer” trying to correctly document a man other than my Mystery Man.”

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