Published in April 2020 Mennonite Family History

Mystery Man
by Lorraine Frantz Edwards

After two days of exhaustive searches, informed me “Your Search for Donald Eugene Brubaker returned zero good matches.” I didn’t limit my search to “hints”; I went to every available resource: Census, Military, Marriage, etc. I also checked for information in LDS Family Search. Not a unique response when searching for our relatives but this was the response regarding a man who attained his one-hundred birthday.

On August 9, 2019, on NBC “Today” show, Al Roker announced the names of men and women who were celebrating their one-hundredth birthday. The name Donald Brubaker captured my attention because I have Brubaker in my family tree. I quickly started searching Census records (on Ancestry) and initially found a potential family. However, after several hours I was compelled to delete the potential parents and siblings. I deleted… because the son named Donald later appeared in death records. Military records were promising until the serviceman named Donald later appeared in death records.

How is it possible that a man can live for one-hundred years and records of his life are not readily available? In this age of mass-media, with so many records available on, why can’t I find Donald Eugene Brubaker?

After eleven days of “vacation” from, I returned to do additional research regarding Donald Brubaker (but no new hints or sources). To my delight, a man read the story and contacted me with possible information. It is my prayer that other researchers will contact me with positive identification of “the mystery man.”

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