REKABURB crazy ?!

On 8 Apr 2020, I published a blog message about Donald Brubaker. The story appeared in the April 2020 issue of Mennonite Family History. Periodically I do a search in anticipation that another “hint” may have been added to information. I’ve failed to find even the tiniest scrap of data. Two days ago, Ancestry advised me they were giving me a “free” ten-day subscription to (their) Newspapers database. Almost immediately I started searching… but nothing found. Second best course of action: Search for information regarding men named Donald Brubaker born about 1919 because “cross-reference” might be productive. Two full days devoted to this project and I still lack supporting information for Donald Brubaker. Above is a list of the men named “Donald” whom I searched for. I looked at the individual, his parents, his spouse (if married). I searched the siblings, too. It is as much a mystery today as it was in August 2019. ~~ At four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, I am “REKABURB crazy”!!  ~~~ FYI: Initially, I was searching “Donald Eugene Brubaker.” Then simply “Donald Brubaker.” It required numerous searches to find the middle name and, thus, discard that man. (After this “break,” I’m going to resume the search.)

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