One comment on “Quandary

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Yesterday Texas reported 1,801 new cases of Trump Flu – the biggest one day surge yet.

    Stay hunkered down for a bit, you’re doin’ fine (near as I can tell). The second wave is just hitting the beach, now is not the time to make changes. It’s not unusual for us ‘older’ folks to sleep less, in particular when as healthy as we are. Your ancestry searches are a good utilization of the time, perhaps better than my pursuits of the odd arcane, of demonstrable scientific truths, and The Way.

    I know a Brubaker (Bob). Closer to your generation than mine, a thoroughly unpleasant person. Thoroughly a racist. White nationalist. A NAZI. If it were ten years younger I’d bust its head. Lived in San Francisco for a long time before moving up here with the rest of the tourerists that have outstayed their welcome. Credit-card rich trust-funder punk who’s never done a day’s work in it’s life that has somehow convinced itself it is better than me. Yes, it. It isn’t human. It is less than human.

    Stay safe, I keep my promises …

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