Paying it forward

The response to an inquiry…

THANK YOU for the “thank you.” You can’t imagine how many messages I answer and I never receive a “thank you.” I have been very blessed with “family history” and I love to “pay it forward.” ~~~ Nereida, I’m not related to Gertrude. My Ancestry database says she is the “aunt of wife of second cousin.” ~~~ It’s a long story but I’ll make it brief and tell you that I “inherited” the Myrtle Traxler Family Tree. Myrtle (Hull) Traxler was the wife of my first cousin one time removed. She spent decades documenting the Traxler family in her genealogy software program. She passed away and the children and grandchildren didn’t give a hoot about her devotion to the Traxler family (and collateral lines). Miraculously (praise the Lord), a cousin (illegitimate son of my first cousin one time removed) sent me a thumb-drive with all of Myrtle’s records (more than 75,000 names). I uploaded it to Ancestry and I maintain the database. I don’t do much with it but it is my belief that the information should be available to researchers. The cousin didn’t know about his biological father until a DNA test. Fortunately, he made the connection but he is not a welcome member of the family. “They” shared their mother’s research so he has information about his ancestry. ~~~ Perhaps your friend will be fortunate and connect with family and learn the lineage. ~~~ Very best wishes from Lorraine Frantz Edwards (with Lorraine Frantz Family Tree). ~~~

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