whereohwhere hasmylittledoggone?

…whereohwhere canhebe?



Straight forwards, simple, “piece of cake,”  etc., etc. It shouldn’t be difficult to document the relatives mentioned in an obituary?! It has been nine hours and I’m not finished!! ~~ Same “given name,” same location, “same surname,” married a cousin or step-brother or step-sister. I aim for 200% accuracy and “accuracy” was elusive. Most of the families were already in my database–therefore, it should be “a piece of cake.”  A spouse dies and the bereaved marries the brother or sister of the deceased spouse. Get the picture? Confused?? “They” are second and third cousins so I’m focused on getting them accurately documented in my Ancestry  database. The following… does not show how “Flora” and “Flory” add to the confusion. True story: It’s a “Bowman” obituary!!

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