Loose ends ?!

I had “a couple of loose ends” I wanted to “tie up” before moving to other tasks. Well, I spent the entire day working to correctly document two men named Daniel Bowman. Same name, similar birth and death dates–and hopelessly confusing to this “seasoned researcher.” Look at the record (above) and see how the “top of the list” Member presents her information. (Most sources, most records, always tops the list.) By documenting the children, I was able to accurately document the family. “If” there are other children, they did not show up in my twenty-three sources and twenty-two records. Truthfully, I shout at my computer screen (when I read that information) and say “Hey, are you blind? Don’t you ‘proof’ your information?”  Conservatively, I added an additional one-hundred people to my database and five to fifteen “sources” for each.


On a brighter note, see the beautiful Crepe Myrtle in the neighbor’s yard. ~~ I moved the KIA out of the carport hoping the next rainstorm will wash off the dirt. I’m inching toward a trip to the market for groceries.

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