Stuck in a rut ?!

Within, I find so many careless errors in Member Family Trees. Sometimes I spend hours searching for and documenting the accurate information. Frequently I write a polite message to a Member asking for details about one of their entries. “Please share your source with me.”  I seldom receive a reply. Yesterday, I used “print-screen” images to prepare a “preponderance of the evidence.” I felt obliged to “show” other researchers what I “saw”what I “saw” without illustration. The 1940 Federal Census lists my eighty-one-year-old grand-uncle as “widower.” Members list his fifty-two-year-old daughter as his wife. First, I searched for the marriage while questioning “Why would a woman marry a man thirty years her senior?”  No marriage record. Furthermore, no marriage record for the daughter (my first-cousin-two-times-removed) and the man identified as her “husband” who was married to a well-identified (lots of records) wife.

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