Something to think about #2

When I walked to the mailbox (at 2:30), I sensed that there was something wrong with my legs. I looked down and was surprised to see that my legs and ankles are swollen. Simultaneous with that observation, the word “edema” came to mind. Yes, I’ve been “health-conscious” half my lifetime but I don’t remember learning about edema. I give God the glory because He put the word in my mind. I quickly went to the computer and did a Google search. OMG, the causes are scary!! I went from website to website reading about edema. I may be wrong but I think my answer is in the first paragraph of this article.

Fluid buildup (edema): It happens when the tissues or blood vessels in your legs hold more fluid than they should. This can happen if you simply spend a long day on your feet or sit for too long. But it may also be a sign that you’re overweight or don’t get enough exercise, or of more serious medical conditions.

Lately (as I have confessed in earlier blog messages), I’ve been sitting at the computer for ten to fourteen hours a day. I’d only move (occasionally) to prepare a second mug of coffee or second or third glass of iced tea. Truthfully, sometimes three days would pass before I’d walk to the mailbox. I seldom spent any time in the yard. I haven’t gotten enough exercise!!

Alarm bells are ringing and I am listening.

P.S. I walked in a circle around the RV Park but I felt compelled to get back to the air-conditioned trailer. The thermometer says 91 degrees (at 4:00) but the humidity makes it “feel like” 100 degrees. I used my brain and took my “walking stick” and had to rely on it a couple of times. The “walking stick” was purchased at a street Fair in Winter Harbor, Maine. I was driving toward Acadia National Park (2010) and saw the sign (on the highway) indicating Winter Harbor was having their Lobster Festival. I made the detour and had a marvelous day browsing the vendors, eating a “fundraiser” breakfast and lunch in the civic center. At five PM, I watched the hometown individuals in an old-fashioned hometown parade. A local couple put their lawn chairs near mine (watching the parade) and plied me with questions. (Obviously, I was recognized as a visitor.) “Where are you spending the night?”  Answer: “I’ll just continue driving until I get to a Walmart.”  I was invited to spend the night in their driveway. The next day the man showed me his boat and his lobster traps, and we shared more conversation. ~~ My travelsin 2010through the New England states, and Canada, were inspiring!! I’m still in contact with a lady I met in Exeter, New Hampshire. (Thanks, Deb!!)  🙂

3 comments on “Something to think about #2

  1. Deb says:

    Hard to believe it’s been over a decade!

    • Time flies!!! Yes, it is hard to believe it has been ten years. Yesterday, while talking to a friend, I realized it has been over a year since I was on the cruise. Hard to believe a year since the cruise. Even harder to believe: My friend is going again in August and invited me to go with her. She said it would be “free” for me because she has to pay for double-occupancy. I thanked her for the generous offer but I’m “keeping my distance” from people and places!!!

  2. malc39 says:

    Lorine: This is Mike Chiles from Alabama. We met at SKP Acre in North Carolina
    and went to Biltmore together. How are you doing?

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