Stuck in a rut #2

Here is the “story” I wrote and attached to a man in my Ancestry database. Yes, I have a lot of things I should be doing but I love being a detective. (I prefer “detective” to “janitor.”) I’ve attached the “cousin marriage” chart. I love to create “pictures” for the benefit of fellow researchers. (This reveals Lorraine in Depression Aggression.) Yes, “Stuck in a rut” is about the cousin whom I now accept as the wife of Francis Irvin Deal.

Quite frankly, upfront, I confess to being obsessive about accurate documentation in my Ancestry database. I entered the name Francis Irvin Deal because the World War I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918 identified him that way. Likewise, in the World War II Draft Cards Young Men 1940-1947. Furthermore, the Social Security application says Frances [sic] I. Deal. Honestly, I had to locate verification that the man used the name “Irvin.” That verification can be found in 1910, 1920, 1925, 1930 Census records where he is listed as “Irvin” and “Ewin.” Additional information came in marriage records for his son, John Edwin Deal.

It was with reluctance that I accepted that “Irvin” looks like “Irving Deal” on the death certificate for his wife Anna Wagoner Deal born 25 Mar 1885 and died 5 Jul 1960. When did they marry? I spent hours searching for a record using alternate spellings and various locations. One Ancestry Member Family Tree lists the marriage on 20 Jul 1947 but no source. (I want “sources.”) I’m accepting that date because it came from a grand-nephew who probably has “inside information.”

In the Gallery find a chart illustrating the “cousin marriage” of Francis Irvin Deal and Anna Etta Wagoner.


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