BIG projects, tiny projects

Never an end to my “projects.” I noted the missing bolt and found the necessary item in my private little hardware store. Hopefully, my neighbors and I will never need “emergency” attention but I prepared the signs “just in case….” Read about the yard sale–last year–and creation of the signs.


Some things I can’t repair. Prearranged, a RV repairman was here to look at my RV refrigerator. To my amazement, I properly assessed the problem last summer; no ventilation with this trailer under the roof. The ventilation problem has become compounded but the solution may be as simple as a fan blowing on the system. I have the assignment of checking the thermometer every three hours (and reporting same…) before turning on the fan. I quickly retrieved my fan from the cargo trailer and am prepared for “step number two.”

One comment on “BIG projects, tiny projects

  1. Deb says:

    A lot of people use a DIY mod using computer fans, but there are also products made to help cool the back of the fridge. Here’s one example; Another that comes with a thermostat. Another, but intended to be used inside the fridge. A lot of people think they help a great deal: Anyway, lots of info on the various forums.

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