Newspaper advertises yard sale

Really early morning start to the day. Prior to seven, small “directional” signs had been posted at the highway, and side streets. The large banner went up (again) late last night. This weekend, and next, the yard sale is listed in the local newspaper. Next week, the ad will be listed in the Penny Saver (free, and delivered to every mail box). Crossing my fingers, hopefully, a lot more items will go to a new home!! ~~ Light rain last night, more rain today, so less-than-perfect weather may discourage shoppers.

Shopping at Walmart yesterday (for stakes for yard sale signs), I considered the merit of 911 Emergency numbers. Although my across-the-driveway neighbor is a pain-in-the-butt, I bought the second package. Between yard sale visitors, I assembled the signs. A “fence post” from my yard sale, bolts and nuts from my vast collection of new and used hardware, and “voila”  another creation. (I hope “emergency”  personnel never need to “find” us.) In my humble opinion, the “numbers” sign–at the driveway–is ugly. I’ll leave it up (because not mine to take down) but I’ll pound the fence post in the ground nearby.



Very few sales but lots of visitors!! I’m delighted to meet “neighbors” previously unknown to me. Truth-be-told, I won’t shed any tears if things don’t sell right away. I’ll be “downsizing” for weeks (or months) and will have future yard sales. Eventually, I’ll ask a local Thrift Shop to pick up the “leftovers.” Confession: I’m tempted to remove the “tomato planter” from inventory and, “yes,”  start a tomato plant. Read about an earlier “temptation” and the purchase of two tomato plants. See the size of plant, in planter, in 2016. ~~ Old saying “You can take the girl out of the garden but you can’t take the garden out of the girl.”   🙂  ~~ Starting to rain, and TV meteorologist advises a “wintry” weekend.


Monday, April 9, 2018: Right or wrong, the sign is in the ground.


2 comments on “Newspaper advertises yard sale

  1. Deb says:

    Are the two numbers staying on that same pole? How will someone know which lot is which? The numbers and background contrast well, and you can see them well.

    • Deb, you are obviously more analytical than I am. It NEVER occurred to me that someone could not figure out 325 on the left and 351 on the right (of sign). A vehicle drives down the street, past all the lower numbers, and sees the sign; “325” would be the first one and “351” the second. The “package” contains the painted metal sign and dozens of reflective numbers; the “package” is a commercial product designed for “911 Emergency.”

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