In the “yardin” !!

Tired old lady!! Some “downsizing” as box #1 (of scanned paper) goes to the dumpster–along with large map of LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery, and numerous empty boxes. Five scatter rugs were “hosed” clean and will be donated to the local SPCA for bedding in pet cages. Some of the boxes awaiting scanning project covered with a tarp and (perhaps?) security against dust, pollen, and bird droppings. ~~ Roger needed a ride home so I had an unscheduled trip into Livingston–and did grocery shopping. I couldn’t resist (the “garden bug” made me do it): I bought a bag of organic planter soil and two tomato plants. It was a simple task to plant them in the planter prepared a year ago.  I know I should have them in separate planters BUT (with my scanning project) one tomato planter is the maximum I want to nurture. ~~ A busy day; I just didn’t take a lot of pictures. ~~ Rain is forecast for tomorrow so I’ll probably be on the computer tomorrow.


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