Incredibly beautiful weekend !!

Temperature at three on Saturday

Temperature at three-fifteen Sunday


Temperature at three-thirtySixty hours earlier, it was fifty degrees colder!! ~~ Very few planters remain under the tarp shelter.  I’ve moved most… so they can enjoy the sunshine. Perhaps I’m premature; maybe I’ll regret transferring them when/if we have more low temperatures. Remarkably, I have seventy-five plants enjoying this incredibly beautiful weekend. (I didn’t count my large planters with perennials.) ~~ I washed the nine planters acquired on Friday. It didn’t help their appearance but I know they are clean (and ready for plants). ~~ I drilled holes in more planters. I secured a “cage” to the top of a planter prepared for one or two tomato plants. ~~ Gospel truth: Most of the seventy-five are plants and planters I will give away!! This Spring and Summer, my emphasis will be growing veggies for yours truly.


Just a few of the many plantes

Cage above tomato planter


Old waste basket with dimensions

Over thirty-five years old wastebasket

Drilled holes

Sides and bottom

Styrofoam peanuts in the bottom

Pebbles in planter


Planter in shopping cart“Mobility” is the topic foremost in my mind. “How can I navigate planters in and out of the sun?” I won’t plant tomatoes in the Garden Tower–but I want several tomato plants. A very old, sturdy wastebasket would fit in the shopping cart and be excellent (imho) size-wise and movable. That was one project (of many) yesterday.

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