Grateful for free planters !!

Two large plantersBlack large nursery planterThis is similar, in appearance, to the large planters I’ve received free. However, this is much smaller–and look at the price. Granted, $6.00 for a planter is reasonable but I speculate a planter four times larger (like mine) would cost at least $20.00. So, I’m counting my blessings for the generous gift of containers from the farm store.


Hole in large black planterI started this message before nine o’clock “just because.” (“Just because” I have a one-track-mind focused on gardening and I had just ordered more coir planter soil.) Then I grabbed my camera and walked to the other end of the CARE RV sites. Trees were delivered and planted on sites without trees. I asked one young man “What are you going to do with the planters?” His reply: “We recycle them; why?” I said “Can I beg, bribe, or buy them?” He checked with the supervisor and affirmed that I could have them. They are battered, and dirty, but I think they will clean up and be useful for my major plant projects.

Trees on sites without trees

One hundred dollar tree

Tree truck in front of CARE

Nine new (used) planters

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