Whatcha doin’ ? (with Kilroy)

No scanning projects today. Anticipating my handymen might arrive, I moved a box full of garden paraphernalia, and put the pallet down. Then I moved clutter in front of the storage building so we would have a “staging area” to shift boxes around. I just kept working at the project, and boxes, and successfully accomplished most I’d planned for Roger. He did shift a couple of boxes too heavy for me. Gratefully, Roger reinforced the torn areas on my awning and I’m praying I get another season (or two) before replacement.


“Yes,” the storage building has been so crowded, and cluttered, I could barely get the door open!! Things are rearranged and piled higher. Contents of those boxes may not be scanned for months?! ~~ Frankly, today I needed all the physical exercise, and fresh air, after recent intensive mental gymnastics with the computer and scanner.


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