Second day of Spring ?!

I was wound so tight yesterday, I couldn’t “spring” into chatter about the weather–and the season.

It’s 7:00 PM and I’ve just moved from one computer site to another computer site. For two-and-one-half days, I have searched for, and selected, a web template to document ALL the scanned documents. Frankly, who is going to find “Margie Sink” if they do a Google search? (There are three-million-nine-hundred-thousand “sinks.”) I searched (and searched) the Internet for templates; I experimented with several… but they didn’t provide the results I desired. Click here to see the “fruit of my labor.” There’s effort to create each listing but it should be easier as time goes by?! Furthermore, there isn’t an automatic sort into alphabetical order; I have to move each link to respective location.

Explanation #1: The last couple of weeks, I’ve mulled over, lost sleep, experienced bleary eyes and headaches, considering all the innuendoes of this scanning project. I didn’t want to go to all this work (and expense) and have the data lost among millions of records. Several days ago, I found that I can put my scanned documents on Google Drive, and the document(s) would be searchable on Google. “Searchable”–but so insignificant they would never be found?! That prompted my search for a template for my digital library. Not yet–but soon–I’ll link the library to my Frantz Families–Kith & Kin web site–and vice-versa. My FF-KK web site gets a lot of research traffic.

Explanation #2: I didn’t want to spend weeks (or months) scanning and then discover I had files on my computer that were not accessible to researchers. Yes, I found Google Drive (indispensable) but (in my humble opinion) another tool was needed. I hope, and pray, I can go back to scanning with greater assurance that my labors will not have been in vain.

This “digital” age has merit BUT  I’m having a terrible time changing my clocks since we had to “spring forward.” Seriously, I mess with the clock(s) and it changes the year, and goes to twenty-four hour display. They are still inaccurate!!


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