Buried alive ?!

Ancestry.com is so addictive! A few days ago, I started documenting some cousins and couldn’t stop. Seventeen hours one day–with very little food and no exercise. Here’s a “Lorraine’s Believe It Or Not”: Micah Herndon being interviewed on NBC Today Show as I started typing this blog message. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and hearing. “Herndon”?! That was one of the primary surnames I was working with as I documented the wife of a cousin (second cousin one-time removed). Furthermore, “Herndon”  was not a casual addition to my Ancestry database; it required numerous searches and double-checking.


I strive for 200% accuracy. Frequently, identical names in same locality so I search parents, and siblings, too. For me, documenting my Frantz family, and extended family, is not a casual endeavor. I’m not related to “Herndon”  but they were “family” for a couple of hours. ~~ Please do a Google search for Micah Herndon and appreciate the reason he is major news. (Click the images [above] to enlarge for better viewing. “Buried alive”  because I’m [obviously] alive while documenting deceased [buried] individuals.)

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