Yesterday afternoon, I forced myself away from the computer and drove into Livingston for “comfort food.”  Not by coincidence (but not planned), acquaintances came into the same establishment so I didn’t have to eat alone. (I hate to go to a restaurant and eat alone!!) They were an attentive audience as I babbled about genealogy.

Then I went to Lowe’s and spent a couple of hours browsing the garden department, and other areas. I spent more money on “garden” than I’ve acquired from recent “yard sale” sales!! Yes, $127.49 for my gardening pleasure!! A smaller, light-weight “blower” (because my Worx is “too heavy” for this old lady). A new 100-foot garden hose. I’m weary of dragging a heavy hose that “kinks” and leaks!! Also bought Impatiens for two hanging baskets. Eventually (?) my large beautiful plants (planters) will be gone but I still want some flowers to look at when I sit on my patio this summer!! Ant killer, another purchase, because ants are not welcome in my yard!!

Today: A variety of projects and no Ancestry. com!!


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