Peculiar Projects #2

Click the red link to read an earlier blog message titled Peculiar Projects. One image is a “print screen” showing numbers 11,111. A short two weeks later reveals one-thousand additional individuals added to my Ancestry database. (Ancestors, their children, and their spouses, of my grandchildren.) Obviously, I pay attention to details?! “Pay[ing] attention to details” is a segue to another item in my research.

The father of my children was born in Mississippi. As I work with the Ware and Blackwell surnames, many duplicate names with similar dates and locations. Some of those “duplicate” individuals have erroneously found  their way into the Ancestry individual Member Family Tree(s). I scrutinize each source for “B” (black) or “W” (white). Too often, individuals clearly identified as “black” and listed on our “white” tree. (Does this make me racist? Is this a taboo subject to write about?) 

When I was a fledgling genealogist, in those years prior to “armchair research,” I adopted the practice of Cite Your Sources.” (A book documenting the professional way to identify the source.) Thirty years later, I am still devoted to documenting, and examination, of sources. (A creature of habit, lol.)

One comment on “Peculiar Projects #2

  1. One dear friend caught my error. Did you see it?? I wrote “Segway” but the intended word is spelled “segue.” Lorraine–and Spell Checker–missed that one!!

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