Peculiar projects ?!

Delightfully pleasant “Labor Day”: Overcast, misting rain, temperature in the high seventies. I was tempted to spend the entire day in the yard (but, due to limited energy, didn’t). It is so much easier to sit at the computer and “climb the family tree.” That task is curtailed because the clouds, and rain, have interfered with the satellite Internet connection.  😦   Honestly, no Internet means I can’t upload today’s pictures to this blog message. Without the computer/Internet, it is like having my hands tied behind my back (lol). The computers got a work out this past weekend. More than thirty hours on I started with a less-familiar “cousin” surname and it led to another and then, OMG, another Frantz wife. (Frantz women surprise and delight me!! Ancestry Member Family Trees frustrate me because so many careless errors. I’m focused on documenting accurate information. ) 

Starting a “search” yesterday, I noticed the total number of individuals in my Frantz Family Tree. But that’s insignificant compared to the fifty-thousand in my genealogy software program (in the mid-nineteen-ninety’s. Tragically, the computer “crashed” and the data could not be retrieved [even though I had back-ups]. Fortunately, the book Frantz Families–Kith & Kin had been published so not a total loss.)  I’m enjoying the use of both my laptops, at the same time, because I can have Family Search, or Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, on one and read information and type into Ancestry.)


“Dangling” tree limbs annoy me too!! I waded through brush to position myself and grab a dead limb–and ended up with scratches on my bare legs (I wear shorts around home). **If** I were younger, I’d climb up and clean the roof. I don’t do very well on level ground and almost titled this blog “Dizzie Dame.”

8:00 PM: With my fingers crossed, I’ll try to “publish”…. Limited Internet most of the day!! 

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