Return to normal ?!

Below find the Sunday evening message published on Monday morning. Without Internet (last night) my efforts were thwarted.

It has been a period of time since pictures of thermometer and flowers?! I’ve been insanely busy “climbing the family tree” but must walk away for awhile. Sometimes twelve to fifteen hours at the computer with very few meals. Two days where I didn’t get out of my pajamas; two days where I didn’t open the door and retrieve food items from the refrigerator in the laundry room. “Insane!!” (Recent rain so I didn’t need to water plants.) I accomplished my goal: I traced my grandchildren’s ancestors as far back as possible. I’ve become very familiar with features on and used my knowledge to find individuals who might otherwise not be found. Example: My ex-daughter-in-law’s mother and father. We aren’t supposed to find “living” people but I did… and traced their ancestors.  Computer skills were interrupted when the “UPS” (Universal Power Supply) died and I had to switch the cords from computers, backups, and router. ~~ What a joy, this evening, to see all the yellow blooms at the top of the flag pole.



Monday morning message: Spending time on the computer is fraught with challenges!! ~~ Later today, another “thermometer” picture because temperature predicted to reach one-hundred degrees. Hey, it’s mid-September and we’re still experiencing “sauna” weather.

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