Thirty years and counting !!

Thirty-five to forty years ago, I was blessed to be the recipient of volumes of information about descendants of Immigrant Michael Frantz. I received very little information regarding Immigrant Christian Frantz, brother of Michael. After publication of Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (1996), I traveled to reunions with descendants of Immigrant Christian Frantz (Pennsylvania, Virginia and Indiana). I begged for information about their ancestry, and their families. It  seemed they enjoyed fellowship (on a pleasure boat on Lake Wawasee) and lacked interest in documentation. Here I am, decades later, compiling that branch of the tree via the information on It isn’t easy; the records are sketchy and confusing. I find myself spending one or two days compiling a single family “branch.” (Descendants of Michael Frantz–on Ancestry–is almost effortless.) Descendants of Immigrant Christian Frantz is a challenge!! (Maybe an excellent way to keep my brain from lapsing into senility or Alzheimer’s?) Indulge me for a minute: From my keyboard, I travel back to Trotwood, Ohio, and/or Brookville, Ohio, (and neighboring communities) as I enter the localities where Frantz families, and collateral lines, lived and died. I go to Salem, Virginia, where I attended the Garst Family Reunion (2004), and Bridgewater, Virginia, where I did research in the Alexander Mack Library. ~~ At eighty-three, I’m “stuck” at home but able to travel via genealogy; fingers doing the walking

What’s old is new ?!

“What goes around, comes around.” I recognize that “down on my knees” crawling around… is too difficult for this old lady. The answer: Rearrange furniture. From the cargo trailer, a folding table that dates back to 1978-1979. (I distinctly remember a computer keyboard and monitor on the table with “tower” computer  CPU underneath.) For seventeen months, I’ve been bumping my knees against the shelving–or sitting sideways (very uncomfortable).  Now, plugging router, computers, and extension back-ups, into uninterrupted power supply is convenient. (My APC UPS is [likewise] very old. But “old” works well for this old lady.)


Notice that this little table is a better height for my “every day” computer. I should have made this change months ago. However, so many other projects demanding my attention!! ~~ No, I won’t have both computers on at the same time; this was “staged” for photos. ~~ Someday, Lord willing, I’ll return to the scanning project.

Time to process, and clean up, the clutter created by the move.

A Bit Personal

That’s the name of the computer repair shop where a “miracle worker” resurrected the life of my two laptop computers. It took hours… and I watched Tim as he swiftly took keystrokes to wipe out virus, and uninstall burdensome programs I must have unwittingly invited into my computer.  One of my frustrations, of late: Microsoft updates would fail to install and caused program problems. So Tim approached the problem time and time again. ***LORRAINE’S EXTREMELY IMPRESSED WITH TIM”S KNOWLEDGE and INTEGRITY.*** I recommend you contact him when you need repairs. With your Internet connection, he can “do” remotely; you don’t have to drive to Onalaska, Texas. My mileage: Thirty-nine miles round-trip. ~~ Remember my frustration because I could not get into my “locked” Dell computer? Tim had the software to unlock, and he does that service “free of charge.” I was prepared to pay for five hours of expertise. Tim refused my stack of twenty-dollar bills and insisted he would only accept for one hour labor. ~~ While I was there, numerous senior folks came in with problems and they received swift courteous service. Obviously “seniors” have found that Tim is the man to turn to. I’m so grateful a “senior” friend told **me** where to turn for help.  ~~ Write down his number on a “post it” note; attach to your computer so you can contact Tim in time of need.



A computer repair customer shared information about eating establishments in the area. I liked the idea of the nearby “Mom & Pop”  restaurant. The “loaded baked potato” sounded good, and it tasted extremely delicious!! (Big enough for two meals.) ~~ I came directly home because too hot to maneuver in and out of stores.


“Too pooped to pop !!”

“Too tired to walk” and/or other trite expressions. Continually, I’m tired because a good night’s sleep eludes me. Yesterday morning, I was up at four because wide awake (and no sense that I’d go back to sleep). Exhausted, and sleepy,  I went to bed at 8:45 last night. However, in bed, no longer sleepy and awhile before I went to sleep. Wide awake at 11:11 and up for water and bathroom. Long time getting back to sleep and then awake at 12:50. Brief sleep and “up” two more times. Then wide, wide awake at exactly 7:00 (so I can watch the Today show on NBC). I’ve tried various sleep aids (ZzzQuil, etc.) and they are not beneficial. I refuse to take prescription drugs. (That’s my sob story and I’m sticking to it [lol].) Furthermore, to set the record straight, I don’t “watch” the Today show; I “listen” while I create blog messages or manipulate information on

I’m grateful to Jeff Rossen for valuable (Today) information. He explained how to stop Google tracking our activity (and I followed his instructions). Remember, I recently searched for solutions to my computer problems? Since then, a dozen (or more) “pop up” ads (every day) from companies trying to sell computer repair software programs. That’s why McAfee found me and the McAfee software still isn’t working. If I weren’t so tired…, I’d take both laptops to a repairman. (I hoped I could resolve the problems.)

After the rain, it would be a good time to burn some of the limbs–but I’ll procrastinate.

OK. OK, on the Internet, I purchased the software to unlock the lost password. I spent the morning trying to install it on the other laptop computer. Failure after failure. I tried to send an email message to the “support” email address, on their website, BUT IT DIDN’T WORK. Second, I copied the message to the email that confirmed my purchase and that “bounced.” I’m exactly where I was a few hours ago, a few days ago, but I’m a few dollars poorer. (Their phone number doesn’t work either.)

On a positive note: Phone call from the doctor’s office and second test indicates all OK. On a humorous note: Doctor said to get a lot of exercise and watch my diet. I believe I’m faithful in both areas.

Did you miss my weather reports??

They’re back!! ~~ Doctor said “lots of exercise” so I spent forty-five minutes picking up more limbs, etc., etc. Too hot so I was forced back indoors. When I walked to the mailbox, I noticed fallen limbs in my neighbor’s yard. Noticing that he was gone, I picked up… and cut up, and added to the stack near my fire barrel. I scouted my yard(s) again and found limbs blown in from another neighbor’s yard. But I want to focus on “little things make me so happy.” Look at the new growth….

The tree that I “butchered”  recently when I was working to remove the massive growth of vines tangled in tree limbs.


Interrupted by a thunder storm !!

A sudden violent thunder-storm took away my Internet connection from the satellite (and television, too). It was two o’clock in the afternoon and I had been glued to the computer since six in the morning. Briefly, no electricity. I loved the smell of rain and stepped out on the porch. I noticed that the Sweet Potato vine had been blown over. While looking at my “shade garden” (with Sweet Potato vine), I suddenly questioned: “Where is the greenhouse?”  I hoped it was not in the street obstructing traffic. Gratefully, I saw it in the neighbor’s back yard (and I’ll retrieve it later). Took pictures (obviously), washed dishes, prepared corn-on-the-cob, enjoyed fresh peaches. Before I get drawn back into the “never-ending” process of documentation of my seemingly endless Frantz family, I’m taking a few minutes for this blog message.

Help, intervention needed ?! is so addictive!! I’ve been so involved, I’ve had very little to eat. I’m fixing a grilled cheese sandwich as I type this (with a tall glass of V-8). It is almost two o’clock and I’m still in my pajamas. I didn’t have breakfast, and I was trembling–perhaps from hunger?! Yesterday, I enjoyed a big slice of watermelon. Gospel truth: Last night and early this morning, I promised myself I would not start the day on Ancestry. But, I had a story in mind (for Mennonite Family History) and I needed a couple of facts. Well, one thing led to another and I was caught up in what will be another story. Without exaggeration, I worked in excess of six hours on one individual. Furthermore, she isn’t even my relative!! Martha “Mattie” Belle McClanahan was married to John Marshall Frantz.  He was a first cousin of Frank Christian Frantz, the last territorial governor of Oklahoma (my sixth cousin, two times removed). This isn’t “my tree”; this is another branch of the tree that is well-worth documentation.  All day yesterday–and this morning–endeavoring to clean up other people’s messes. I am so frustrated with the amount of erroneous information attached to individuals. When I compare my information with other individual’s trees, I see that most people just copied someone else’s information. Very few sources listed!! So I search and find Census, marriage, death, etc., etc., and document it in my tree. This morning, to solidly identify the John Marshall Frantz family, I added the city directory sources. (In many cases, I do not invest the time to document all city directories because one or two is sufficient.)

Mattie was born in 1881; her husband born in 1880, died in 1927. Okay, I’ll add her death date, too. That’s where the long hours began. I searched dozens of records (seemed like hundreds). The “hints” and individual family trees were no help; I had more information than they did!! I traced her through three subsequent marriages and eventually obtained her 7 Apr 1969 death. Imagine following McClanahan (maiden name), Frantz (first marriage), McGuffin (second),Schrader (third), Dunlap (fourth).  Below, see the record in a neat little package on Yes, in total I have twenty-six sources. Other “trees” only had eight, or less, sources.


Lorraine Frantz family tree

Martha “Mattie” Belle McClanahan

BIRTH 16 May 1881 New Castle, Craig County, Virginia, USA

DEATH 7 Apr 1969 Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia, USA

sources (26) records (26)

Family Info

Father James Shafer McClanahan (1836-)
Mother Calpernia “Callie” McCauley (1838-)
Spouse John Marshall Frantz (1880-1927)
Married 1903
  • Robert Marshall (1904-1926)
  • Douglas McClanahan (1906-1966)
  • Pauline C. (1910-1998)
  • William McClanahan (1912-)
Spouse Victor Hugo McGuffin (1867-1944)
Married 1937
Spouse Herman WIlliam Schrader (1881-1947)
Married 1945
Spouse Harry J Dunlap (-)
Married 1947

I didn’t readily find information regarding Harry Dunlap and it was time to walk away from Ancestry for a few minutes (or a few hours). Preparing blog messages is relaxing and a pleasant diversion. But “my drug of choice” is

Changing the topic, but not the subject (lol). I wanted to find the connection to Samuel Mayer Marshall Frantz. He is a well-respected artist/illustrator. With a name like Samuel Marshall Frantz, he just had to be part of the family. Alas, on the Internet he is identified as Russian-born in 1890. Click this link to see many of his illustrations. ~~ Notable people in my tree: Joe B. Frantz, journalist and associated with Texas Highways magazine; Harry Warner Frantz, correspondent; Frank Frantz, Oklahoma governor. Others, too, but I don’t recall their names right now. (I feel an urgency to document the Frantz family while still able. So many acquaintances claim to have “senior moments”  but we know it is a problem that comes with old age.)