Touched by an angel !!!!

No, not the TV program Touched by an Angel with Roma Downing and Della Reese.  I believe an angel put arms (or wings) underneath me and prevented a serious fall. For several days, I’ve been working to remove a tangle of vines woven into the trees near the ground and in the branches above. Not a “lady-like” job but something that would improve the appearance of the back yard. Honestly, the vines were stronger than this old lady. First some tugging, then some resting. One by one they eventually were pulled from the mass. What I actually feared, happened. Suddenly, a vine was free of the tangle and the old lady stumbled and almost fell on tree stumps protruding from the ground. To God be the glory, I was miraculously spared an injury. Directly below, before and after pictures (note the dates).

Below are images of two tree stumps protruding from the ground. Remember, this area has been “primitive”  and “a work in progress.”  To fall on either of those “spikes” would inflict an injury. Tugging a vine that suddenly was free, I lost my balance. Honestly, it was “Divine Intervention”  because I could not recover my balance. Again I say, to God be the glory!



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