Computer problems !!

No, I’m not dead or dying.  This old computer, used for blog messages, and pictures, is not uploading pictures. The other “newer” computer still has me “locked out.” To assuage my frustrations, I have been working on family history–on Ancestry. I’ve traded one frustration for another!! The multitude of errors in Ancestry individual family trees could drive a serious genealogist crazy. I published Frantz Families–Kith & Kin in 1996 (three volumes, 3,180 pages) and  it is “free” on the Internet. Names, dates, sources… but people add bogus information to their tree. My devotion to accuracy (prior to publication in 1996) is now rife with blatant errors. Am I fighting a losing battle in an effort to make wrong right?

Good news: The blog message I want to publish is titled “Touched by and angel.”  Yesterday, an angel caught me up in arms, or wings, and saved me from another serious fall/accident. Maybe I’ll be able to “publish”–with pictures–soon.

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