What’s old is new ?!

“What goes around, comes around.” I recognize that “down on my knees” crawling around… is too difficult for this old lady. The answer: Rearrange furniture. From the cargo trailer, a folding table that dates back to 1978-1979. (I distinctly remember a computer keyboard and monitor on the table with “tower” computer  CPU underneath.) For seventeen months, I’ve been bumping my knees against the shelving–or sitting sideways (very uncomfortable).  Now, plugging router, computers, and extension back-ups, into uninterrupted power supply is convenient. (My APC UPS is [likewise] very old. But “old” works well for this old lady.)


Notice that this little table is a better height for my “every day” computer. I should have made this change months ago. However, so many other projects demanding my attention!! ~~ No, I won’t have both computers on at the same time; this was “staged” for photos. ~~ Someday, Lord willing, I’ll return to the scanning project.

Time to process, and clean up, the clutter created by the move.

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