A Bit Personal

That’s the name of the computer repair shop where a “miracle worker” resurrected the life of my two laptop computers. It took hours… and I watched Tim as he swiftly took keystrokes to wipe out virus, and uninstall burdensome programs I must have unwittingly invited into my computer.  One of my frustrations, of late: Microsoft updates would fail to install and caused program problems. So Tim approached the problem time and time again. ***LORRAINE’S EXTREMELY IMPRESSED WITH TIM”S KNOWLEDGE and INTEGRITY.*** I recommend you contact him when you need repairs. With your Internet connection, he can “do” remotely; you don’t have to drive to Onalaska, Texas. My mileage: Thirty-nine miles round-trip. ~~ Remember my frustration because I could not get into my “locked” Dell computer? Tim had the software to unlock, and he does that service “free of charge.” I was prepared to pay for five hours of expertise. Tim refused my stack of twenty-dollar bills and insisted he would only accept for one hour labor. ~~ While I was there, numerous senior folks came in with problems and they received swift courteous service. Obviously “seniors” have found that Tim is the man to turn to. I’m so grateful a “senior” friend told **me** where to turn for help.  ~~ Write down his number on a “post it” note; attach to your computer so you can contact Tim in time of need.



A computer repair customer shared information about eating establishments in the area. I liked the idea of the nearby “Mom & Pop”  restaurant. The “loaded baked potato” sounded good, and it tasted extremely delicious!! (Big enough for two meals.) ~~ I came directly home because too hot to maneuver in and out of stores.


One comment on “A Bit Personal

  1. Deb says:

    Well worth the drive to solve that major frustration. Glad you found someone reliable.

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